How is your gum different from everything else out there?

Regular gum is made from a plastic base and a bunch of artificial ingredients, such as aspartame, acesulfame-k, BHT and artificial flavours. Unlike other gums, we use only natural ingredients, including chicle which comes from the sapodilla tree, and xylitol which comes from the birch tree.

How was chewsy created?

Chewsy was born after our founder, Sunitt, started getting really bad headaches chewing regular gum found in supermarkets. Sunitt decided to look into what gum is made of and was shocked to learn that the ingredients included artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives, and what's worse, a plastic gum base which was hidden under the term "gum base". All these ingredients create horrible side effects. After searching for a better and healthier gum and not finding any, Sunitt decided it was time to offer consumers a better chew. That's when Chewsy was born.

What's chewsy's vision?

Our mission is to improve the unhealthy state of confectionery by producing truly natural, sugar free chewing gum.

Does chewsy freshen breath?

If you've had too much garlic and onions, our Spearmint and Peppermint are here for you! These two flavours eliminate odorous breath and leave you fresh, without the artificial aftertaste of regular gum.

Is there sugar in your gum?

No, we sweeten our gum with xylitol. It is naturally derived and very importantly: good for teeth. It is the only sugar substitute proven to actively reduce plaque and the risk of tooth decay.

How did you select your gum ingredients?

Each of our ingredients is natural and sourced from top quality suppliers across the planet. We take a lot of care in finding the most pure and premium form of each ingredient because we believe that you get out what you put in.

Is your gum safe for kids?

Yes! Because our gum doesn't have any aspartame or artificial ingredients, it's the safer choice for kids.

Are there benefits to chewing gum?

We were hoping you'd ask! For starters, our gum will keep teeth healthy because they are sweetened with 100% xylitol. Secondly, gum helps people concentrate,and produces saliva that helps with digestion. For these reasons, our all natural gum is a healthy snack between meals!

Where can I buy your gum?

You can find us in independent stores and big retail chains across the UK. Check our stockists out here. You can also find us online (here!).

Where do you make the gum?

We make our gum in South America as that's where the rainforest lives. Since our gum is made from trees, we needed to find a rainforest with a lot of trees. What better place than South America.

Can I swallow this gum?

Our gum isn't meant to be swallowed, but if you do, no worries - because we're not made of plastic, we're also biodegradable!